In The End… Jesus

A Layman’s Guide that Demystifies the Apocalypse and End-Time Prophecy

By James T. Martin

The Bible records the past, present, and future story of God’s people. Most Biblical prophecies use an apocalyptic writing style that includes mysterious wild beasts, vague symbols, and coded timelines. In order to interpret the intended message, clues must be provided to demystify the significance of past events and those yet to come. Although the prophecies in the Bible are known by many, the details are vague and endlessly debated. This 496-page book digs into the scriptures to reveal clues, fill in gaps, define symbols, and identify key events in the world’s timeline. Nearly 50 tables and 25 photos are included to summarize key points and promote additional study and discussion. An extensive bibliography of nearly 200 sources is included for reference, as well as over 1700 scriptural references found in more than 50 different books of the Bible.


In the beginning God creates all things including the angels and the universe, and He declares everything as good. However, one-third of the angels pose a challenge to see who is greater, God or Lucifer.  In a cosmic battle, Lucifer and his followers are defeated and banished from Heaven to the earth. Thus, begins the battle of good versus evil. On earth, God creates a perfect garden along with the first man and woman in His image. But Lucifer, now renamed Satan, cons Adam and Eve and they disobey God. Because of this sin, they are banished from the perfect garden forever. The struggle of good versus evil is now imposed on humans who are pawns in the contest. People are given free will and allowed to choose to follow the good guys: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, or the evil guys: Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.  Those who follow the good guys strive to obey the commandments of God; the others do not. All humans break commandments, but those who repent and ask for forgiveness can have their slate wiped clean through a blood sacrifice. The enormous amount of blood sacrifices due to sin transfers the curse of sin from the people to the land, which causes the earth to reacts violently.Over the years, the people who choose to follow God endure hardships and are ruled by several empires. They are enslaved for hundreds of years in Egypt until Moses is called to free them and take them to the Promised Land. Eventually the people turn from God and He punishes them and they are taken prisoner to Babylon. Several prophets are given visions regarding the future to provide hope for the people and to let them know what will eventually happen.

Daniel is one of the prophets who is told what kingdoms will rule over God’s people: Babylonians, Medo-Persians, Greeks, and Romans. A ruler will emerge from the Roman Empire that will be in power for 1260 years and then a judgment period will begin. In the end, Jesus will come to destroy evil and set up His kingdom for eternity.

When Jesus came 2000 years ago, He told His disciples many things that would occur before He would return again. He said many false prophets will appear along with wars, famines, and earthquakes. His followers will be persecuted and killed all over the world and the Gospel will be preached for everyone to hear so they can choose whether to follow Him or not.

After Jesus is crucified and rises from the dead, He goes to live with His Father in Heaven. However, about 50 years later Jesus returns in spirit to dictate to His Apostle John, a prophecy of future events. John records what he sees and hears in the Book of Revelation. This book is written in apocalyptic style, which incorporates complex symbols to hide the message. The use of numbers, colors, and certain objects provide clues to understand the meaning of the prophecy and when it is to occur.

John is told to address this writing to 7 churches that existed in Turkey at the time. Each church is emblematic of a phase of church life that is to occur in John’s future. Jesus sends each church a different message with compliments, concerns, and promises. John’s spirit is then transported to Heaven for a visit and he describes what he sees. Interestingly, what John writes is quite similar to descriptions provided in other Books of the Bible by Moses, David, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. The most dramatic event John witnesses is a slain lamb that becomes king and all the creatures in Heaven bow and worship Him.

Jesus, this new King, is handed a scrolled deed to the earth that contains 7 seals. As He progressively opens each seal, different events occur that relate to the 7 phases of church life. Some seals release horses and others create spiritual events to take place on earth. When the last seal is opened, 7 angels step forward to sound trumpets, one at a time. With each trumpet blast, something significant occurs on earth to atone for the sins of the world.

The final trumpet blast triggers some of the dead to rise and great voices sing in Heaven. Then 7 angels step forward carrying 7 bowls of wrath to pour out punishment on the evil people on earth. Each bowl causes different types of pain and suffering such as extreme heat and lack of drinking water. Jesus warns that not all who claim to be His disciples will be taken to Heaven. Everyone is given the opportunity to follow Him but many will not choose to establish a personal relationship with Him.

While John is in Heaven, he is shown several pageants filled with symbols such as scrolls, women, and dragons. He is told of 144,000 people that will come to Heaven from the original 12 tribes of Israel. He learns of a small scroll containing details about the end of the age that is hidden from the people until near the end of time. He sees 2 witnesses that testify on God’s behalf for 1260 years. He also learns the story of a woman who is persecuted by a dragon that turns out to be a puppet of Satan.

The most disturbing scene he sees is that of a beast from the sea that embodies false worship. It has great power and persecutes the followers of Jesus. It changes God’s commandments and forces the people to disobey God or be punished. The beast is eventually wounded and loses its power as if it were dead. Then a second beast appears that restores the first beast back to power. Together they inflict great pain, suffering, and death on the world.

Later John is astonished when shown a vision involving a woman riding on a dragon-like beast. He doesn’t know what to think. He is told the woman is Babylon the Great and she is going to fall and fall hard. All those who follow the woman need to flee quickly or they will be caught in the fatal snare as well. With the coming destruction of the woman, Heaven rejoices.

At this point John sees Jesus returning to earth to claim His deed. Jesus banishes the Antichrist and False Prophet into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Satan is rounded up and thrown into a bottomless pit for 1000 years. Jesus reigns during this millennium and evil is held captive.

After the 1000 years pass, Satan is released one last time and a final battle occurs between good and evil. Satan is defeated and joins the others in the Lake of Fire for eternity. A throne room is set up in Heaven and the people are judged. They either end up with everlasting punishment or a righteous eternal life. The city of New Jerusalem descends from Heaven to earth where God, Jesus, His followers, and all the angels live for eternity. This new city’s streets are paved with gold and gateways are made of pearl. The Tree of Life that is found only in the Garden of Eden returns and bears fruit every month. This city experiences no more sin or death. It is a garden paradise where love envelopes all things forever.